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Lab technician for embedded systems

Apply before: 12 August 2020
Working time: Day
Working hours: 36 hours per week
Discipline: AMC Medical Research (AMR)

What you are going to do

Within the Hybrid Heart project, we are currently developing a mock circulation loop. This is an in vitro representation of the human cardiovascular system. Therefore, we are looking for a lab technician who can contribute to the development of such hydraulically pneumatically driven cardiovascular systems, such as a mock circulation and cardiac assist devices.

The mock circulation loop will be developed as a hybrid mock circulation, meaning that there is both a physical representation of the cardiovascular system, as well as a numerical representation.  Therefore, the applicant will work on developing both numerical and physical models.

The applicant will contribute to the developing of the physical hydraulic pneumatic system by assembling components, fine-tuning the elements such as compliance (windkessel model) and resistance and by setting up and implementing the electronic parts in the system. Furthermore, the applicant will be working on developing computer programs and scripts to numerically model the cardiovascular system and translate the numerical model to the physical model. For this, both software as well as hardware have to be developed.

The applicant will work within an interdisciplinary and internationally team with direct colleagues in the field of biomedical engineering and medicine.

What we expect from you 

We are looking for a M/F with a background in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectric or Biomechanics), software Engineering or comparable relevant fields (MBO/HBO level or comparable). The applicant should be expert in working with embedded systems and computational programing. Proficiency in C++ or Python is highly appreciated.  Furthermore, the applicant should have knowledge about hydraulic and pneumatic systems, since she or he will work with such components as pistons, sensors and variable resisting elements in hydraulic setups. Previous experience with mock circuits and/or cardiovascular devices is preferred but not necessarily required. The applicant will work in an interdisciplinary and international team. Therefore a sufficient level of English is required. Furthermore, the applicant should be able to collaborate with colleagues with different educational backgrounds and should be able to work and troubleshoot independently. We are looking for a creative colleague who is both enthusiastic about working “with his/her hands” as well as enthusiastic about working with programs and numerical models on the computer.

Where you are going to work

You will work in the group of professor Jolanda Kluin within the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery. The Kluin group consist of several PhD students and medical students, and works closely with national and international institutes

This is an interdisciplinary group of (academic) researchers and high-tech SMEs, with experience in cardiac surgery, TE, soft robotics and engineering. On a daily basis, the applicant will collaborate with two PhD Candidates in the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery with backgrounds in Medicine and Engineering

What we offer you

We offer you ample opportunity for development, deepening and broadening, additional training and a place to grow! Working at AMR means working in an inspiring and professional environment where development is encouraged in every respect.

• The maximum gross monthly salary based on a 36-hour work week is between € 2.422,- and € 3.280,- (scale 7 CAO UMC).
• The base salary does not include holiday pay (8%) and a year-end bonus (8.3%).
• We initially offer an contract for 12 months, with the prospect of a permanent contract upon good performance.
• In addition to excellent accessibility by public transport, AMC also has a sufficient number of parking spaces for employees.
• Pension is accrued at Be Frank.

For an overview of all our other terms of employment, see https://werkenbijamc.nl/arbeidsvoorwaarden-amr/

Let’s meet

If you would like to apply directly, please use the ‘apply’ button on this page.
If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Jolanda Kluin (Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgeon), via j.kluin@amsterdamumc.nl.

We look forward to meeting you!