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Post-Doctoral Position on structure-function analysis of nuclear receptor Nur77/NR4A1 in cancer immunotherapy

Apply before: 14 August 2020
Working time: Day
Working hours: 36 hours per week
Discipline: AMC Medical Research (AMR)

What you are going to do 

We are seeking a highly driven Post-Doctoral researcher for a research project involving a public-private collaboration funded by Topconsortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI), within the department of Medical Biochemistry, Amsterdam UMC. Our ambition is to improve human immunotherapy. Recently, the nuclear receptor Nur77/NR4A1 has been shown to modulate human cellular immunotherapy in cancer.* Cellular immunotherapy includes chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). CAR T cells are modified autologous T-cells, whereas TILs are isolated from resected tumors and become expanded ex vivo. The aim of this fundamental project is to generate new insight into the exact mechanism of action of the transcription factor Nur77, and to identify inhibitory small-molecule compounds in collaboration with a company. You will integrate structural protein and functional activity data to define novel protein interfaces that allow modulation of Nur77 activity. The novel antagonists will be validated in human cell models that you will develop. High-end techniques including protein modeling, mutagenesis, multi-dimensional cytometry and imaging and dedicated cell culture models will be applied.
As a Post-Doctoral researcher you will also support and collaborate with PhD candidates, technicians and undergraduate students in the lab, participate in (inter)national meetings and publish in leading international journals.

*Genome-wide analysis identifies NR4A1 as a key mediator of T cell dysfunction. Liu X, et al. Nature. 2019;567:525-529.
NR4A transcription factors limit CAR T cell function in solid tumours. Chen J, et al. Nature. 2019;567:530-534 

What we expect from you 

We are looking for a highly-motived candidate with a strong background in molecular and cellular biology, an interest in immunotherapy and the following expertise:
Obtained PhD in molecular biology or protein technology;
Extensive experience with molecular biological techniques and cell culture;
A good track record, inner drive and scientific curiosity;
While you work independently, you are also a valuable team member and have the social skills to collaborate with scientists from our institute and the biotech company;
You are enthusiastic, flexible and accurate in your work, and willing to join an interdisciplinary and international environment.

Where you are going to work 

As Post-Doctoral researcher in this project you will join the research team of Carlie de Vries that is embedded in the department of Medical Biochemistry. Within the department 6 research groups work on subjects related to cardiovascular disease, metabolism and immunology with around 30 PhD candidates, 10 Post-Docs and 10 technicians. Working at Amsterdam UMC, location AMC means working in an inspiring and professional environment where personal development is encouraged. We offer you a unique public-private collaborative setting and a place to grow!


What we offer you

We offer you ample opportunity for development, deepening and broadening, additional training and a place to grow! Working at AMR means working in an inspiring and professional environment where development is encouraged in every respect.

  • The maximum gross monthly salary based on a 36-hour work week is € 4.615,- (scale 10 CAO UMC), depending on qualifications and experience.
  • The base salary does not include holiday pay (8%) and a year-end bonus (8.3%).
  • We offer a contract for 12 months with the prospect of a 2,5-year extension.
  • In addition to excellent accessibility by public transport, AMC also has a sufficient number of parking spaces for employees.
  • Pension is accrued at Be Frank.

For an overview of all our other terms of employment, see https://werkenbijamc.nl/arbeidsvoorwaarden-amr/.

Let’s meet 

If you would like to apply directly, please use the ‘apply’ button on this page.
If you would like more information, please feel free to contact C.J.M. de Vries (afdelingshoofd Medische Biochemie), via c.j.devries@amsterdamumc.nl.

We look forward to meeting you!