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Researcher Neurodevelopmental epilepsy

Reageer voor: 14 augustus 2021
Werkdagen: Dag
Aantal uren: 36 uur per week
Vakgebied: AMC Medical Research (AMR)

What you are going to do

We ask for an enthusiastic molecular biologist with strong knowledge of molecular biology and neurobiology, and an affinity for bioinformatics. The PhD candidate will be responsible for the generation, analysis, validation, and interpretation of single nuclei transcriptomic data from mTOR associated cortical malformations. This will be achieved through a combination of wet-laboratory and computational biology techniques. The candidate requires an academic degree (MSc) in molecular life sciences, biomedical sciences or a related discipline, experience with RNA extraction, RT-qPCR, in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, and knowledge of R (programming language). Participation in the education of Medical and Medical Biology students is also a component of this posting. The AMC Graduate School provides infrastructure that promotes and supports excellence in the doctorate level training of PhD candidates as highly qualified future professionals. Interested candidates should submit their applications before Augustus 2, 2021, including a CV and a motivation letter stating research interests.


What we expect from you

  • Academic degree (MSc) in molecular life sciences, biomedical sciences or a related discipline.
  • Knowledge of neuroscience and epilepsy.
  • A strong background in molecular and cellular neuroscience.
  • Experience performing bioinformatic analyses.Experience performing the following techniques, RNA extraction, RT-qPCR, in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry.
  • Highly motivated to work in an interdisciplinary environment at the cutting edge of science.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential, as is a willingness to work flexibly.

Where you are going to work

The research project will be based at the Department of Neuropathology under the guidance of Professor Eleonora Aronica. The research group focuses on understanding the pathogenesis, epileptogenesis and pharmacoresistance of focal chronic pharmacoresistant epilepsy, as well as featuring translational aspects. The team supervising the candidate will involve early career researchers (dr. James Mills, with expertise in bioinformatics; dr. Angelika Mühlebner with expertise in neuropathology). The AUMC provides access to all the required facilities for this research project. Most importantly we already have access to resected brain tissue material from patients with mTORopathies. This material is a rare and an invaluable resource that forms the basis of this project, as such access to this tissue is of utmost importance. Overall, the Aronica laboratory and the AUMC provide a supportive environment, with the required expertise, and equipment to further successfully complete this research project. Further, the project is part of an interdisciplinary collaboration with the the Cognitive Neuroscience Department at the Radboudumc in Nijmegen, connecting researchers with expertise in epilepsy, neuropathology and neurophysiology to elucidate the mechanisms underlying altered neuronal network function in epilepsy. Thus, this international collaboration guarantees the integration of complementary expertise, which results in a team capable of a complete multidisciplinary analysis of mTORopathies, including both the molecular and functional analysis of human tissue.


What we offer you

We offer you ample opportunity for development, deepening and broadening, additional training and a place to grow! Working at Amsterdam UMC means working in an inspiring and professional environment where development is encouraged in every respect.

  • The maximum gross monthly salary based on a 36-hour work week is between € 2,495 and € 3,196 (scale 21 CAO UMC).
  • The base salary does not include allowances for irregular shifts, holiday pay (8%) and a year-end bonus (8.3%).
  • We offer an contract for 4 years.
  • In addition to excellent accessibility by public transport, AMC location also has a sufficient number of parking spaces for employees.
  • We have a very active staff association and organise various (sports) activities and events throughout the year.

For an overview of all our other terms of employment, see https://werkenbijamc.nl/arbeidsvoorwaarden/.

Amsterdam UMC has an open culture. Together we continuously build an environment where everyone feels welcome. To achieve that, we strive to provide equal opportunities for everyone. We therefore cordially invite all interested parties to respond to this vacancy.

Let’s meet

For more information about the vacancy please contact Prof. Eleonora Aronica, e-mail: e.aronica@amsterdamumc.nl, phone: +31 20 5662943 or Dr. James Mills, e-mail: j.d.mills@amsterdamumc.nl.
If you would like to apply directly, please use the ‘apply’ button on this page.

We look forward to meeting you!